Wednesday, September 3, 2008

State Farm Katrina insurance trial begins in Mississippi

[JURIST] Opening statements were made Tuesday in insurance lawsuits brought against State Farm Fire opinion] that flood damage caused by Katrina may be covered under those insurance policies that do not specifically exclude from ...

Schwarzenegger Proposes Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan to ...

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Tackles California's Broken Health Care System and Proposes Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan to Help All Californians.

How To Lower Your Auto Insurance Cost

Not too many people realize that insurance rates differ with each insurance agent or broker. Insurance companies also provide different kinds of coverage, depending on the car you have.

Gulf Watch: Insurance industry on trial over Katrina claims

A jury trial gets underway today in Mississippi involving Katrina insurance claims that State Farm says refusing to pay claimsare not covered:.

Myths about Auto Insurance

With over 160 million registered vehicles on the road today, auto insurance is the most widely purchased of all insurance policies. Over the years I have found that many "Myths" have developed!

Cheap Travel Insurance: Leave Your Worries Behind

Cheap travel insurance is a must for all those people who frequently travel to other countries. No one can predict accidents or mishaps. Therefore buying a cheap travel insurance policy is a very wise idea.

What is insurance

Insurance comes in many different forms and covers a wide range of possible events and circumstances.

Why You Can't Depend on Group Life Insurance

If you have a full time job, you may also be fortunate enough to have a free term life insurance policy through your employer. For most people, it's the equivalent of a year's salary.

california homeowner insurance

Homeowners insurance with fire and earthquake coverages for homes in California, Colorado and Nevada. Online quotes available.Offering online auto insurance and claims information.

How to Find an Affordable Car Insurance Rate

A lot of car insurance firms now exist in the market. Thus, we have a wider array of choices and competition gets in to push down policy rates. These companies are employing all the tactics just to strategically get to you.